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We at Ascent FHA Resource Center are here to provide you with the resources to accomplish your dreams of home ownership! With Credit Repair, FHA, and Rent to Own Resources we have the tools you need to acheive your goals.

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Homeownership is literally The American Dream. However, in today's economy this may remain only a dream for many hardworking people. That's why we've set up our company to deal with: Credit Repair, FHA Mortgages, and Rent to own. We have resources to get our clients into homes regardless of their situation.

Our skilled representitives will guide you through the process of home ownership. We will provide you with every resource possible to get you into your dream home.


Bad Credit? No Problem!

Ascent FHA has partnered with Inversion Credit. We've searched tirelessly to get you the best deals on credit repair so that you don't have to! Inversion Credit's prices are the lowest rates with the highest quality results! Many home owners require their buyers to be enrolled in a credit repair program to ensure their seriousness in purchasing the home.

Your chances of getting into the home of your dreams will dramatically increase if you are enrolled in one of our programs.

Inversion Credit can help you understand what is on your credit report and also let you know how we can assist you in the credit restoration process. Our free consultation includes a review of your credit report and an overview of how we can help. Call us at 1-800-355-5670 today to get started.

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First time Home Buyer? That's Great!

FHA Home Loans for First Time Home Buyers

Are you trying to buy your first home? As a first time home buyer you are in a great position. Especially if you utilize the FHA first time home buyer program. FHA stands for Federal Housing Administration, which is a government agency created to help Americans realize their dream of home ownership.

Do you have less than perfect credit?

Even if you have less than perfect credit, or no credit an FHA first time home loan could be great for you. Due to the recent real estate collapse buyers are in a very good position as housing prices are at an all-time low. If you have any questions or would like someone to contact you today please call now! 888-204-1443

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Our first time home buyer and credit specialists can answer any questions you might have about your credit and your likelihood of getting a good loan. Bad credit? No problem. You may qualify for first time home buyer grants or our special bad credit home loan program. We like to advise all of our clients to know their credit score before speaking with our agents.


Rent to Own Resources!

Our highly trained staff is here to help you navigate through the process of becoming a homeowner. Do not be misled by advertisers telling you that you cannot afford your own home. In today’s market, any home can become a rent to own home. If you can afford a house for rent then you can afford to rent to own. It’s all about properly presenting your situation to the homeowner.

Ascent Rent to Own is here to help you every step of the way. Remember, rent to own eligibility doesn’t depend on a good credit score, you only need to show simple financial discipline (paying rent and bills) and a willingness to put fourth effort to improve your current credit situation in order to ultimately purchase your home.

Fill out the form above to be contacted by one of our highly trained rent to own specialists. This is your first huge step to making your dream of becoming a homeowner a reality. We have a large and growing database of rent to own homes. To get started, just enter your info in the form above!

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